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Advanced Search: Tips

Title Search will search the title only.

Keyword Search will search the title, summary, subject and keywords.

Word Matching

Functions as a "starts with" search. This search can be used to find text strings that may be part of other complete words. For example, a Partial Match on cat will return cat, cats and cathedral. It is generally better to search for the singular form of a word and use the Partial Match option to find singular and plural forms. When you are uncertain of a spelling, key in the letters that you are certain the word begins with and use the Partial Match function.

Exact Match An Exact Match functions as an explicit search. For example, an Exact Match on cat will return all products that contain the word cat such as Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat. However, it will not return Cats Don't Dance because the word cat is in the plural form.

Word Usage

Use All Words This option will return products that contain all the words entered. For example, a search on cat dog will return Hot Dogs and Cool Cats, but not Mr. Sears' Catalogue.

Use Any Word Using Any Word in a search for that darn cat will return all matches to titles that contain that, darn or cat.

Use As Phrase This option in a search for cat in the will return Cat in the Hat because the words appear in the same sequence.

Search Modifiers

Grade Range A Grade Range can be set to limit search results. For example, if you are looking for a program for a 5th grade class, you may want to enter grades 4 to 6 as your range. The default is Pre-Kindergarten through Adults.

Media Type You may select from the different media types available. Choices include All Media, VHS, VHS & DVD, DVD, DVD & DVD-Rom, Audiocassette, and Activities. The default is All Media.

Closed-Caption Checking this box will return titles that are Closed-Captioned.

New Titles Checking this box will return titles received by Library Video Company in the past 365 days.

Copyrights You may choose to display titles based on the year of copyright. This may be modified to return titles copyrighted In, Before, After, Before & Including or After & Including a certain year (or All Years). The default is In All Years.

Results Modifiers

Results Per Page Select how many items you want listed per page. If you have a fast Internet connection, you may want to see more results per page, or if you wish to print out your results list, you may want all of the items on one page. Please note that selecting a high number of results per page can create a very large download.

Sort The default sort uses an algorithmic model for keyword/subject relevance. However, you may change the sort for any search using this feature. In addition, you will be able to sort from the results page on Title (alpha), Price and Media Type. To change sort options in advance of your search, select either Title of the product, the Price of the product, the Media type, and Showing New titles first, Ascending order starts at low values (0 for numbers or a for letters) and ranges to high values, while descending starts at high values and ranges to low values. For relevance, the higher the value, the more relevant it is to your search, so descending is the default search order.