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Digital Delivery Rights

All Schlessinger Media programs are available digitally on SAFARI Montage.

SAFARI Montage includes detailed integrated metadata for each Schlessinger Media program and ensures that DRM (Digital Rights Management) is properly executed. Due to the complexities of evaluating these components on other hardware delivery systems, Schlessinger Media programs are not available for licensing on hardware digital delivery systems other than SAFARI Montage. However, SAFARI Montage can complement any digital delivery system.

Please note, at this time, Schlessinger Media will not grant permission to transfer, encode or digitize any Schlessinger Media content from VHS cassette or DVD to a server, disc or file, as all Schlessinger Media programs are available for licensing on SAFARI Montage.

For more information about SAFARI Montage, please visit www.SAFARIMontage.com. For more information about Digital Delivery Rights in general, please see our web article on this topic.

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