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Previewing Video Now Moves Online

Looking to the future, there will be many different ways in which streaming media on the internet will be developed to support the needs of educators. However, you will be pleased to discover that a few applications are available right now, and can be used to great advantage. One of these applications enables a librarian or teacher to preview audio-visual media online before deciding to order it.

While most educational media companies attempt to provide as much content information as possible, on websites and in catalogs, educators want to feel certain, in advance, that their purchases will meet their curricular goals and be grade appropriate. They need assurance that the product has been produced at a high quality production level. All agree, however, that the very best decisions are made when the educator is able to view the actual program.

Until now, the previewing procedures offered by media companies, in their attempt to meet the needs of their customers, involved the requisition of materials, the shipment of materials, the tracking of materials out on preview, and the return shipment. Because the cost of this process is considered to be excessive for products which sell for prices ranging between $30-$40, educators will be pleased to learn that several educational websites have begun streaming media clips online as a preview mechanism.

There are many benefits to this preview method:

  • Video clips can be viewed at any time the educator chooses to assess the program. This affords one the comfort of knowing that the product can be ordered and received in time for its designated use.

  • No need to pass the video to other professionals anymore. Librarian and teacher can make purchasing decisions together and not be inconvenienced by two (or more) individuals being required to share one tape.

  • The burden of having to return a tape is eliminated, saving time for all.

  • The costs of shipping are no longer an issue.

  • Hundreds of programs can be out on preview at one time and accessible from any computer and can be viewed at one's will.

  • Library Video Company has just launched its streamed preview video clip service for titles by its production company, Schlessinger Media. It has plans to add the programs of other producers represented in its catalog to the list, as well. Now, educators can preview 3-minute clips of all Schlessinger Media videos online, at any time, at any computer, for as long as is needed -- and at no cost.

      Customers who use an internet connection speed of 56k or better, can now begin to enjoy a streamed video preview which should enable them to evaluate the product with confidence. Computers with broadband connections will display even better resolution and size. Unfortunately, 28k connections will not give a reliable assessment of the video production quality and we have elected not to stream at this connection speed.

      In addition, for every title listed on LibraryVideo.com, customers will find a full summary, closed-captioning information, running time, grade level information, reviews when available, copyright date, box art and other pertinent data.

      Library Video Company is committed to making the process of purchasing and managing media collections as efficient as possible and invites your comments on any feature.