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Curriculum Correlation Documents Available Online

Without question, standards based education is one of the hottest topics in education today. Standards, be it national, state or local, are at the center of controversy and reform in school districts across the country. Standards have been developed to guide the content teachers teach, the professional development they undertake, how they themselves are evaluated as well as how their students are assessed. While these standards vary from state to state and from school to school, one thing remains a constant - teachers and librarians in today’s educational system must support the standards.

On a theoretical level, academics argue about the pros and cons of standardizing our curriculum, while on the practical level educators struggle daily with the need to adhere to the standards, build lessons around them and purchase materials that support them. This is a very real concern that has created a great challenge in the recent past, as many educators now have to document how their lessons conform to the standards and how the materials they purchase meet specific standards and benchmarks. And all this must be done in addition to teaching the content that must be covered and preparing the students for, you guessed it, standards-based assessments.

Recognizing this challenge and the already overburdened work load of educators, Library Video Company has implemented a correlation system which allows educators to download and print correlation documents identifying exactly how all Schlessinger Media programs align with and support various state, local and national standards. Schlessinger Media truly does have educational video to meet your standards and through a complex system which involves the breakdown and identification of all key curricular points in Schlessinger Media video programs, along with the breakdown of the key concepts outlined in the standards, Library Video Company is able to offer clear succinct reports identifying standards and benchmarks that are hit in each of its programs. The advantages of this feature are numerous:

  • In an easy to read format every Schlessinger Media program is correlated to numerous state and national standards
  • By simply accessing the product description page for any Schlessinger Media program, which includes all pertinent ordering details as well as a link to a free 3-minute preview of the video, educators can obtain a correlation report for the state, national or local standards of choice.
  • Educators also have the option of viewing a list of all Schlessinger Media titles that correlate to a specific state, national or local standards document.
    • Correlation reports are easily viewed and downloaded using Adobe® Acrobat’s® PDF format. They can be printed and attached to lesson plans or used to document support of the standards for the release of state funds.
    • Correlation reports are available online at www.LibraryVideo.com at anytime, to any user and at no cost.
  • These reports can also be used to provide a “curriculum-preview” of the program you are about to use or purchase saving the educator hours of manual work in an attempt to determine what areas of the curriculum are being supported by each program.

To date, Library Video Company has correlated Schlessinger Media programming to standards from 23 states plus various city and national content area standards, and we are adding new standards daily. We welcome your feedback on this service as well as requests for specific standards to add to our program. Library Video Company is committed to providing educators with high quality curriculum oriented programming and the resources necessary to make it efficient and easy to use them in an educational setting.