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Why Buy from Library Video Company?

Why Buy Videos From Library Video Company

Teachers want to use high quality video programs in their classrooms to make their lessons the best that they can be. But with so many choices available, it requires solid research to find videos that convey the appropriate curricular content, are grade-appropriate and priced fairly. Teachers don't have the time to do the research to find and evaluate these programs, let alone determine where to purchase them.

Library Video Company has made its mission to solve this problem since 1985. The programs we offer have been hand-picked and individually reviewed by educators and experts to ensure they are appropriate for use in the classroom, and our selection is second to none with over 16,000 programs. In addition, our products are priced fairly with no gimmicks to try to obscure the real prices.

Since 1990, we also have been creating high quality educational programming from our Schlessinger Media curriculum-focused division. The programs have been produced to support the K-12 curricular standards and have been designed specifically for teachers to use in a classroom setting.

Library Video Company has been the leading distributor of educational video to schools for 18 years and has reached the school primarily through the librarian. Now, we are offering teachers the same benefits, services, pricing and products as school librarians. Teachers pay the same low prices as librarians even if their purchases are small.

We understand that teachers are not as familiar with us, so we will introduce the many benefits we can offer.

About Schlessinger Media

Schlessinger Media is the award-winning programming division of Library Video Company. Founded in 1990, Schlessinger Media distributes a library of over 700 originally produced and licensed educational videos. All Schlessinger Media programming is created to support and enhance nationwide curricula with an emphasis on science, social studies, language arts and math. The programs are created by a team of educators that includes nationally recognized consultants and series experts. As a result, Schlessinger Media's high production standards have resulted in many award-winning series.

Schlessinger Media benefits

Simply said, the number one benefit to teachers is that Schlessinger Media programs have been produced specifically for use in the classroom. Here's how that makes a difference:

  • Programs are produced for teachers, not TV, and therefore have a clear pedagogical mission.
  • Running time is 23 minutes...perfectly timed for the classroom.
  • Most programs are produced in short segments so that the entire 23 minutes can be used or teachers can show it in shorter segments as necessary for the lesson.
  • Programs are educational and entertaining for the grade range and are of high production quality.
  • Teacher's Guides are included in most programs; they provide a summary of the program and a variety of assessment tools. These include pre-viewing questions, follow-up questions, vocabulary, Internet and other resources, and are free and downloadable online.
  • Videos are produced to correlate to the state, regional and national standards - free correlations are available online at www.LibraryVideo.com.
  • 3-minute video clips are available online for previewing programs.
  • Quality of programs - Schlessinger Media titles continue to receive excellent reviews and awards from other organizations.
Schlessinger Media has been producing quality programming since 1990 - we encourage teachers to check with the school's librarian, as he or she is certain to be familiar with Schlessinger Media.

Library Video Company Benefits

The benefits to the teacher are numerous, including:

  • Over 16,000 titles are kept in stock.
  • Same day shipping ensures that educators receive the program when it is relevant to their curriculum - even if that day is tomorrow.
  • Affordable Prices - all of the time, no gimmicks.
  • Browse 16,000 titles by subject and grade level on our website, www.LibraryVideo.com.
  • All videos sold by Library Video Company may be used in the classroom in accordance with U.S. Copyright law.
  • Ordering is easy - by phone, fax, mail or website.
  • Teachers can create a requisition or wish list for their district or school librarian on our website.
  • Library Video Company is the exclusive distributor of the entire Schlessinger Media line of 700+ products.

Compare Prices

No matter where teachers buy their educational video programs, we encourage them to compare pricing at LibraryVideo.com first. With educational budgets being as tight as they are, every dollar matters.

We welcome calls or questions, and if teachers would like a reference on us, just ask the school librarian.