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New Site Design Saves Your Cart Automatically!

LibraryVideo.com now provides a new autosaving feature and new list management tools that make selecting, organizing and ordering titles easier and more efficient. Perfect for keeping track of multiple branch, department or district ordering lists and ideal for creating ordering lists based on budget periods, these new web enhancements help save you time. Based on your valuable customer feedback, this site now automatically saves a Cart and names it for you at the start of every session and is archived after you logout if you wish to order items at a later date.

The order and list management tools include:

Building an Order:
  The Add to Cart button on a page enables you to start adding items to your Cart.

Saving A Cart:
  As soon as you visit the site, a Cart is created with a default name and automatically saved.

Naming My Cart:
  By default, your Cart will be named "New List For..." followed by the date. We encourage you to rename your list of items by selecting Rename on the Saved Lists page.

Viewing My Active Cart:
  You can check your Cart at any time by clicking on the Cart link in the top navigation bar. This will list all the items in your active Cart. Feel free to adjust the quantities and recalculate, add notes to each line item, remove an item, give us special instructions or search/browse for more items to add. We also give you the option to order storage cases and cataloging and processing services before you complete your order.

Working with My Saved Lists:
  You can choose the list you'd like to work with by clicking on the Saved Lists link in the top navigation bar. This is a summary of your lists, when they were last active, the number of items on the list and more.